For a great Swedish massage, see us in Honolulu

Diamond Head Massage and Day Spa knows how to relax, soothe and de-stress clients like you. To learn more about how happy our massage services can make you, please take a moment to read these client testimonials.

Why people believe in us

“This place is awesome. We called to see if we could get in within 30 minutes and they were more than accommodating. Too bad I was on vacation or else I’d definitely be going back” 
Dylan Tate
“Incredible value. Professional, yet wholesome experience. Holly is the bomb for people who like to punish themselves. I’ll continue to go back and happily give them my $.” 
Mitch Shatto
“This place was so friendly, professional, comfortable and I would recommended to anyone looking to relax, resolve any muscle discomfort or provide relief.” 
Beth H.
“I really love the peaceful, relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Diamond Head Massage and the quality of the massage is excellent. It is a highlight to come here for a massage whenever I am visiting Waikiki.”  
Sarah D.
“This was one of the best massages I have had in a very long history of massages. I can’t recommend Dao and her staff highly enough. "  
Eric M.
“It is one of my favorite spas in the town. Couples massage is very reasonable priced and highly recommended.” 
Lina K.
Best massage ever. Great environment and super relaxing. Will def return!” 
Kari Tummons
“One of the best massages I have had. The hot stones and tranquil music made it a fabulous experience! Will definitely be back!” 
Steve H.

If you'd like to schedule a wonderful massage, call us today: (808) 387-2273!

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